Ten minutes a day lost to unproductive meetings equals to:

50 minutes per week.

200 minutes per month.

60 hours per year.

What would you do with that time?

If one single person increases their productivity and gains back time, they will impact everyone around them.

So we give you the flexible tools you need.

Quickly create a customized agenda.

Set a timer for each agenda section.

Integrate with your favorite video conferencing tools.

Collaborate with your team in real-time. 

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The biggest problem with some of our meetings is that they’re inefficient, and I also hate long meetings. Last week we used meetings.io for the first time and the meeting was excellent!

Craig Reimer

Meetings.io gives teams a simple way to run meetings.

So you never have to go through a crappy meeting ever again.


Of professionals waste time every week due to unplanned meetings.


Feel that a meeting without a point is the most irritating thing.


Believe that a clear agenda is essential to have a successful meeting.

Get back time TODAY! 

Run collaborative meetings that truly make a difference.

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