Dare to have more authentic meetings.

Meetings are pointless if they could’ve been an email. But when people come together to solve issues that matter, communities, businesses and lives can change.

So we’re building a new online tool: meetings.io, and we’re looking for beta testers to help us make it a meaningful tool to propel transparent, authentic and productive meetings. Meetings.io can be used by just about anyone who values energizing, decisive outcomes over time-sucking bureaucracy. 🤯

The meetings

Simple and flexible. The team and 1-on-1 meetings allow you to build a customizable agenda to track data, share info and solve issues for good.

Team workspaces

Promote instant transparency and deeper connection with your team in a centrally located dashboard for key metrics, to-dos, goals, issues, and personal and professional news.

Org chart

Forget hierarchy—this org chart is about getting answers to “who’s accountable for what” through an interactive, visual module.

Overview of meetings.io teams page

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