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Three ways to conquer meeting follow-up

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Meetings, Teams

So, you’ve had a very productive meeting with your team. You all leave with smiles on your faces. Ideas were flowing, everyone was full of energy and people were committed to their projects.  

We all tend to focus on the meeting itself. The topics that need to be discussed, the blockers that your team is experiencing. While these elements are important, a great meeting is also defined by what happens later! You’ll bring your meeting to the next level if you have an effective follow-up to achieve actions and outcomes. In this blog, we’ll highlight some specific follow-up action items. 


Meeting summary follow-up

Sending a follow-up email after every meeting ensures transparency while helping to summarize what’s been discussed in the meeting. In our experience, the best follow-up emails briefly cover the topics discussed, along with next steps. To streamline follow-up, certain tools can help you automate meeting summaries. For example, in, all attendees receive an email after your meeting concludes–and it has everything you need to keep your projects moving forward. 


Dated tasks

The tasks resulting from your meeting form the roadmap that identifies all actions that need to be completed. When jotting down your tasks, make sure to include notes of what needs to be done. Also, we’ve noticed that dating your tasks helps you prioritize. As a result, you’ll solve your tasks in a timely manner. Try and keep your tasks in a space available to everyone in the meeting. Now, the entire team is able to stay on track with the next steps. 

Luckily, will automatically create tasks one week due from creation. No need to think about timing and deadlines during your meeting. 


Assigned owners of tasks

If you assign owners to tasks, there is no question about accountability. We’ve all been in meetings where someone mentions something really important that needs to get done. Yet, if no one defines “who owns” the tasks, it never gets done at all. Tasks that are owned by team members create an ultimate accountability. Thus, assigning owners raises transparency while ensuring that projects keep moving forward! 




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