Trust equals honesty and integrity

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Goals, Leadership, Teams

Trust as an unspoken brand

In any organization, trust should be your unspoken brand. Trust is the backbone of any organization as it can make or break it. For some that’s a reality, for others it is not. A lack of trust is a liability that shreds a reputation faster than a business deal gone bad. Often a lack of trust arises because of a business deal gone bad, or even some portion of sub-standard work contributed by one or more players in a business deal. And make no mistake, a lack of trust on this level can seldom be overcome. Thus, trust is a difficult attribute to measure and a delicate dynamic to maintain.

Integrity and honesty

A lack of confidence in an individual can be remedied. Perhaps some back-to-back stellar performances will have others thinking “wow”, I was wrong about that person. But a lack of trust is so much harder to overcome. So, in making trust your unspoken brand, there is indeed a formula. It’s as old as time and much used at®.

A simple formula

The formula is a simple one. Honesty and integrity. Honesty and integrity are the two mainstays of developing trust. All the branches of trust stem from this common root. And like a tree, trust is watered and nurtured with things like accepting responsibility, owning your own mistakes, setting up others for success, following through and keeping your word, and of course doing these things and more, with a high level of consistency.
When your team and organization operate with honesty and integrity, trust becomes a natural phenomenon.


Written by
Kathy Mayfield


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