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Why does having an agenda really matter?

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Meetings, Teams

I am all about spontaneity.


I love coming up with plans out of nowhere, and I do believe that the best stories are made from completely unplanned outings and reunions. Just go with the flow right? That’s where the fun is.

Yes. Sometimes just going with the flow is what is necessary for creativity to spark and ideas to thrive. Even in the workplace, I love a good swarming or brainstorming meeting where there’s no agenda, no time frame, just a space to talk, think, and come up with ideas. Oh! I love those.

But if that was the structure, or lack thereof, of all of my meetings, I would not get anywhere. My brain likes to think faster than I can process. Hence, if allowed, I will be talking about a topic and give you a million branches in between. You would be seriously confused, ask my husband. And don’t get me wrong, I love that about my brain, it’s what makes me, ME. And that’s ok. But how does that translate into a productive team meeting?


The answer is nowhere.

If there is no clear agenda in a team’s meeting, the chance of getting real results and making that time actually worthwhile is very, very slim. And that’s why structure in meetings is extremely useful: it keeps everyone on track and prevents your team from wasting time. It’s almost better if you don’t have that meeting at all. Your meeting agendas should be structured before you hold your actual meetings. 

So this might sound to you like you’d have to spend even more time planning each one of your meeting to make sure it’s organized. But you do not need to worry about any of that if you’re using It will take care of everything for you; from helping you set up your agenda, running a structure meeting, and also keeping track of all of your team’s action items. There’s simply no easier way.

Give your teams a real chance to become more productive in each of their meetings. Also, learn how your calendars can actually add years to your life.


Written by

Mary Mantica



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