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Learnings of a scrappy start-up

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Goals, Leadership, Remote, Teams

If you are in the midst of googling what defines a scrappy start-up, you are not the only one. In the English language, scrappy can imply many things. Disorganized, untidy or made out of incomplete parts, just to name a few. Yet, here scrappy start-up refers to a smaller organization that is lean and flexible in its operations. The mindset that belongs to it has great advantages, which will be discussed in this blog.


The scrappiness of start-ups

Often, people think of grungy basements in the heart of Silicon Valley when envisioning start-ups. Even more, the majority of people are convinced that start-ups are made up of a maximum of 5 employees. What they do not realize is that a 3-year old company with over 20 employees can be considered a start-up as well! 

The word scrappy then originates from the idea that start-ups don’t have any recognition, power and capital that other larger institutions enjoy. But the lack of these are key to start-up success. The unconditional freedom that exists in unestablished organizations creates a culture that is unheard of.® embraces this scrappy start-up status to ensure a working environment of high velocity, creativity and versatility.

Three learnings

The open-mindedness that exists within start-ups, combined with flexibility, make it the ideal place for experimentation. The company’s money is treated as one’s own money. Customers and clients are treated in a personal and genuine manner. Therefore, employees are creative and resourceful and move forward with passion and determination. This unique situation provides us with three important learnings: 

First of all, the need to over- communicate with yourself and your colleagues. Decisions need to be made quickly and for that everyone needs to be informed at all times. Thus, it is important to check in frequently with your colleagues. Try to plan a daily stand-up or a weekly check-in with your closest co-workers! 

Secondly, the nature of a start-up requests that all members channel their integrity throughout its development. In a start-up, you are persuading others of your vision. Your spouse, colleagues, owners and investors. The trust that is built through integrity is like the secret sauce holding start-ups together. is an organization that values integrity highly, providing it with the ability to achieve extraordinary goals that shouldn’t logically be possible. 

Lastly, in a start-up environment, you are much more likely to find yourself in a position of high responsibility than in a large enterprise. Do not hesitate to grab that opportunity! Answering the call will provide you with incomparable chances to learn. 


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