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Recurring meetings = less meetings

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Meetings, Teams

Frustrated with bad meetings?

So you’re in charge of scheduling your next meeting. The ritual looks something like this:

  • Identify your meeting’s goal
  • Prepare an agenda
  • Build your deck
  • Gather the right people
  • Align your calendars
  • Arrive late… end late
  • Poor participation
  • No outcome. No next steps.
  • No accountability.
We've got a problem, better schedule a meeting!
The root of the issue?

Most meetings are reactive.

Reactive? We mean that they’re scheduled to solve a problem after the fact. By this time, the problem has gotten too big to ignore. We can probably guess what happens next:

  • Your team struggles with a time that works for everyone.
  • When the meeting finally takes place, the problem is outdated.
  • Your team applies a band-aide to stop the pain.
  • You ask yourself why you never seem to get ahead of your issues.
The solution is simple

Become proactive.

✔ Meet once a week, at the same day, at the same time
No more scheduling!

✔ With the same agenda
No more slide decks!

✔ Build a running list of topics to discuss
Nothing falls through the cracks!

✔ Decide during your meeting what you want to prioritize
Make the most of your capacity!

✔ Solve your most important problems
No more fire-fighting!

✔ Take tasks to carry out your solve (with owners & due dates)

✔ Complete your tasks by your next meeting
Your highest priority problems are solved!

This is how we’ve been able to permanently solve real and relevant problems that our team was facing.

What about you?

What do you do to minimize meetings while increasing accountability and eliminate issue?

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